Vehicle vs a House

12:41 AM

There is a report of a vehicle vs a house in the 1400 block of West South Loop. This will be near Ace Hardware.

12:44 AM

SPD is on the scene. EMS is en route.

12:45 AM

Unit on the scene reports light penetration into a building. SPD also reports that everyone is out of the vehicle.

12:47 AM

Some incoming emergency units have been canceled.

1:04 AM

The driver has been arrested for DWI. A wrecker has been called.

Water Flow Alarm

10:19 PM

SFD is on the scene at Bosque Crossing Apartments at 1191 Vanderbilt for a report of a water flow alarm.

10:22 PM

Units arriving on the scene report a four-story building with nothing showing. They will be out investigating. The Fire Marshall has been asked to respond. A caller advised that no smoke was seen but that the sprinklers are flowing.

10:51 PM

Command on the scene reports that the residents can return to their apartments.


Possible Gas Leak

11:44 AM

Fire units have been dispatched to the 1000 block of Elm Street for a report of a smell of natural gas in a residence.

11:48 AM

Fire Unit 331 is on the scene. They will be out investigating.

11:54 AM

Fire units have cleared the scene with no leak found.

Traffic Accident

Thanks to Taezer Tompson for the pic.


9:15 PM County

Report of a major traffic accident on SH108N on the first bridge. Units are on the scene at this time.

9:20 PM

Unit on the scene reports that this will be ahead on collision with major damage. All occupants are reported out of the vehicles. A Stephenville Ambulance has been asked to respond.

9:29 PM

Erath Medic One is en route to Stephenville ER with two patients.

9:30 PM

Erath Medic Two is en route to Stephenville ER with two patients.

10:08 PM

Unit on the scene reports that the roadway is clear and traffic should resume soon. Two wreckers were called.

Vehicle on Fire

12:20 PM

Report of a vehicle on fire between Stephenville and Bluff Dale on US377. The exact location is not known at this time. First Responders are en route.

12:31 PM

Unit on the scene reports one pickup with a trailer and nothing showing. Some units have been disregarded. This is reported to be near CR150.

Two Vehicle Traffic Accident

11:21 AM

Report of a two-vehicle traffic accident on US377S near CR516. First Responders are en route.

11:24 AM

Unit on the scene reports that this will be in the northbound lane and there will be entrapment.

11:25 AM

Unit reports that a driver of a pick up will have to be extracted.

11:30 AM

Erath unit on the scene reports one vehicle off the roadway with major damage. No blockage.

11:34 AM

A second ambulance has been requested to the scene but was late disregarded.

11:46 AM

A wrecker has been requested.

11:48 Am

Dublin Medic 12 has checked with one patient at Stephenville ER.

Pursuit on I20 westbound.

12:33 AM Pursuit in Progress.
There is currently a pursuit in progress coming into Erath County on Interstate 20 westbound. DPS unit 410 is in position to set out spikes at the SH108 bridge.

DPS reports that spikes were unsuccessful.

The pursuit has entered Erath County.

The vehicle is reportedly driving in the center of both lanes.

DPS reported that the vehicle did drive over the spikes.

The vehicle has entered Eastland County westbound.

The vehicle is passing traffic on the right-hand shoulder.

DPS reports that the vehicle has stopped at mile marker 359. This is near the roadside park.

Officers will be out with the suspect at this time.

The subject is in custody and a wrecker has been called for a white Crown Victoria.

Vehicle on Fire

11:01 AM Stephenville

Fire Units have been dispatched to TSU Finacial Center at 401 Blanchard for a report of a vehicle on fire. The initial report is that this fire was set intentionally.

11:04 AM

The officer on the scene reports that they have two subjects separated and that the fire has been put out.

11:06 AM

Fire units on the scene reported nothing showing. They will be out investigating. Some incoming units have been canceled. The Fire marshall has been requested.

Dryer on Fire


1:28 PM

SFD has been paged to All Around Laundry at 102 South Park Drive for a report of a dryer that is possibly on fire.

1:33 PM

Fire Unit on the scene reports light smoke showing and that the building is evacuated.

1:43 PM

Command reports that the fire is out. They will still be on the scene investigating.

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