Police Chase

9:44 PM Police Chase
Officers are in pursuit of a vehicle at this time. The vehicle was first reported to be on FM914 near Alexander and came into Stephenville onto the South Loop and then turned onto Lillian Street and then turned onto McNeill Street and back onto Alexander Road southbound and then turned onto the South Loop again. The vehicle has now left Stephenville on US67N heading toward Glen Rose at speeds approaching 100 mph. Somervell County has been contacted. The cause of the pursuit is unknown at this time. DPS and Erath Count deputies are behind the vehicle.
9:56 PM
The vehicle has now turned around and is heading back toward Stephenville. They are at SH220 on US67. Avoid the area.
10:00 PM
Passing CR204 at speeds of 60 mph is driving on the wrong side of the road.
10:01 PM
The vehicle has turned on CR138 southbound.
10:02 PM
The vehicle has crossed over FM2481 on CR230.
10:06 pm
The vehicle turned off its lights for a bit but they are back on now. They are on CR 220. Speeds are 60 mph.
10:08 PM
CR230 heading toward Selden.
10:09 PM
There are in Selden now on FM913.
10:10 PM
Spikes are being deployed at US281 and FM913.
10:11 PM
The vehicle is now heading south on US281. The spikes were unsuccessful. Speed 95 mph. Hamilton County has been notified.
10:15 PM
Passing CR235. Speeds are 90 mph.
10:16 PM
Passing FM1824 Speeds 95 mph.
10:17 PM
Heading west on US6 towards Dublin.
10:18 PM
Passing CR248. Speed 75 mph.
10:19 PM
Spikes were deployed again and DPS reported that there were successful. At least two tires were damaged and possibly three.
10:21 PM
Officer now reports that all the tires look like they are still up. Still heading west on US6 near Alexader. Speed 70 mph.
10:22 PM
Officers are not sure if the tires are still up or not. The vehicle is in the Alexander area.

10:25 PM
The vehicle is south of Alexander heading south on FM914 near CR263.
10:29 PM
Turning on CR543. DPS reports no spikes.
10:31 PM
DPS reports that the spikes are now broken. The vehicle is now on CR261.
10:34 PM
SPD unit has just crashed thru a fence on CR261. The officer is ok.
10:37 PM
Units are on CR289 in the Carlton area. Units have lost visual on the vehicle. This is going to be a white F150.
10:41 PM
The vehicle has been spotted again on FM219 near Carlton. It’s back on!
10:45 PM
The vehicle is now in Hamilton County on FM1744.
10:46 PM
Turned onto CR116 off of FM1744.
10:47 PM
Comanche County has been notified.
10:49 PM
On CR113 Hamilton County.
10:51 PM
North on CR111. Hamilton County.
10:54 PM
The vehicle is northbound on US281.
10:55 PM
Eastbound on CR205.
10:56 PM
Left onto CR210. Hamilton County. Spikes are being set again.
11:00 PM
It is believed that there is only one occupant in the vehicle. Spikes were unsuccessful.
11:00 PM
Eastbound on FM219.
11:01 PM
Officers report that they are on Horizen Dairy.
11:03 PM
Northbound FM219.

11:03 PM
The vehicle just drove thru a fence on FM219. An officer reports that the vehicle is now off-roading.
11:05 PM
Units have eyes on the vehicle and report heavy front-end damage on the truck. The is now back on the dairy. Some units are running out of fuel.
11:08 PM
The vehicle is out in a field now.
11:10 PM
Has run thru another fence.
11:17 PM
The vehicle is out driving around with the cows. Officers are on the scene attempting to locate.
11:20 PM
Officers report that the vehicle is now stuck and the subject is out on foot.
11:23 PM
Hamilton County reports that the subject is in custody.
11:25 PM
This was a stolen vehicle and the owner will be notified that it is in rough shape.