Update for Monday 03/22/2021

These scanner calls occurred between 10:00 pm Saturday and 10:00 pm Sunday


There was a report of a domestic disturbance. A deputy responded to the location. One subject was arrested from the scene and I did not hear the charge.



There was a report of a disturbance. A caller advised that there were subjects in front of their house yelling about a gun. A deputy responded and reported that they could not locate anyone.


County 5:11 pm

There was a report of a one-vehicle rollover on FM8W about one out of Lingleville. The driver was reported to be out of the vehicle. The unit on the scene reported that the vehicle went thru a fence and that there were no injuries. A wrecker was called.



There was a report of a disturbance at Traditions North. A caller advised that there was fighting and yelling and that the subjects had alcohol in a room. An officer responded.



There was a report of a female subject that was at the Stephenville ER and that she had a possible broken hand that she received at a party and that she wanted to file charges. An officer responded.


Stephenville 3:00 am

There was a report of a hit-and-run traffic accident in the 900 block of Ollie Street. A white pickup truck had run thru a yard and stopped. Two subjects took off running from the scene on foot. An officer on the scene reported that the pickup truck was incapacitated. A wrecker was called and a hold was placed on the vehicle. Later in the night, a caller advised that he had a picked up a subject in the area and that he had him sitting in his pickup and that he was bloody. EMS was paged to the location for a subject with a severe hand injury and did transport the patient to Stephenville ER. A second male subject who was a passenger from this accident arrested for public intoxication.



SFD was paged to Bruners Chevy at 1515 West South Loop. A caller reported that they could see smoke in the area. Units on the scene reported that nothing was found and the source could have been from people cleaning a sidewalk in the area.


Stephenville (Early Morning)

EMS was paged to the intersection of US281N and Lingleville Road for a report of a vehicle vs a pedestrian accident. The caller advised that they had hit something but they were not sure what it was. A second caller advised that there was a body lying on the side of the road. Officers on the scene reported that this was a casualty and that they had the impact scene blocked off. A judge on the scene requested that a funeral home be called.

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