Traffic Accident

9:05 PM County
Report of a two-vehicle traffic accident on US281S near CR224. Two trucks are reported dot have collided. Erath Selden and Harbin Fire have been paged to the scene.

9:09 PM
The reporting person reports that the roadway will be blocked. All persons are reported to be out with one complaining of a headache. There are fluids leaking from one of the vehicles.

9:12 PM
EMS on the scene reports one vehicle in the middle of the roadway.

9:13 PM
The unit on the scene reports that the fluid that is leaking is going to be coolant. No danger at this time.

9:17 PM
Two wreckers have been called for pickup trucks.

9:20 PM
Harbin Fire has been disregarded. A unit reports that they have enough equipment on the scene.

9:36 PM
EMS Unit Medic One has cleared the scene with three AMA. No transport.