8:50 PM Dublin
A DPS trooper was in pursuit of a motorcycle. The rider has wrecked on US6 near FM219 in Dublin. The subject has fled the scene. Dublin Fire and EMS have been paged. Lock your doors in Dublin!

8:57 PM
Several agencies are on the scene searching for the suspect. Officers suspect that the suspect is injured. The location is at the intersection of east Blackjack and Clinton.

9:02 PM
The motorcycle has been reported as stolen out of Dallas.

9:15 PM
A shoe and a helmet have been located near the crash scene.

9:26 PM
The suspect has not been captured yet. They are still looking.

9:47 PM
The railroad has been notified of the search going on in the area.

9:50 PM
The subject may be wearing a white shirt and black shorts and shoeless.

10:03 PM
They are still looking for the suspect. If he is located I will update here.

10:22 PM
Dublin canine is on the scene.