Power Lines Down

5:26 PM

There is a report of power lines that have been struck by a vehicle on in the 500 block of Patrick Street. There are reports of hot powerlines on vehicles.

5:27 PM

There are reports of power lines down on Ireland Street. EMS has been paged to the scene. No reports of injuries at this time.

5:30 PM

Dublin Medic 12 is on the scene.

5:33 PM

Oncor is on the scene and the truck is still there.

5:35 PM

Centurylink and Northland Cable has been called. They have power lines on the ground also.

6:12 PM

Some units have cleared the scene. Traffic is reported to be slow in the area.

6:27 PM

Dublin PD just reported that the roadway will now be open except for the side streets.