Traffic Accident

1:33 AM County

Report of a one-vehicle traffic accident on US67N about for miles out. The initial report is that all of the occupants are out of the vehicles but the roadway is blocked.

1:38 AM

The deputy on the scene reports that this accident is just passed the gas station.

1:40 AM

DPS is on the scene.

1:45 AM

EMS on the scene reports that this is a one-vehicle traffic accident with the vehicle off the roadway. DPS reports that this will be a fatality accident. The victim will have to be extricated. The Justice of the Peace has been notified.

2:26 AM

The Justice of the Peace is on the scene.

2:33 AM

DPS reports that the funeral home has arrived on the scene. A wrecker has been called.

2:39 AM

DPS reports that there is guardrail damage. TxDOT will be notified.

2:50 AM

EMS Unit Med Two has cleared the scene with no transport.

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