Traffic Accidnet

6:07 PM Stephenville

(Traffic Accident) There is a report of a truck that has gone over the guardrail in the 1700 block of West South Loop. SPD is on the the scene at this time.

6:10 PM

The driver has declined EMS. A wrecker has been called for the vehicle. The vehicle is reported to be a  45 degree angle.

6:11 PM

TxDot has been notified. The wooded arms that hold up the guardrails are damaged. Traffic is slow at this time.

6:31 PM

The wrecker is on the scene. All westbound traffic has been shut down at Harbin Drive.

6:44 PM

SPD reports that a second wrecker is going to be needed. It has just arrived on the scene. Wrecker drivers are searching for a way to get the truck up and off the guardrail.

7:16 PM

SPD reports the entire roadway will be shut down to pull the truck out.

7:26 PM

TxDot is on the scene. SPD reports that the truck is off the guardrail and both lanes should be open shortly.

 7:29 PM

SPD reports that the wrecker service has the vehicle. TxDot will remain on the scene to start work on the guardrail. Use caution in this area.

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