traffic accident

6:37 PM Stephenville
(Traffic Accident) SPD is on the scene of a traffic accident at 2200 South Loop behind HEB Grocery. A vehicle has hit a pole and the pole is reported to be down.

6:39 PM
Unit on the scene reports one female is injured. EMS has been paged.

6:40 PM
Unit on the scene reports that the power transformer is leaking fluid onto the roadway. Oncor has been notified and one lane of traffic is blocked.

6:43 PM
A wrecker has been called to the scene. Oncor is en route.

7:01 PM
EMS unit 330 is transporting one patient to Stephenville ER.

7:09 PM
The street department has been asked to bring some sand to this location. The oil from the transformer is now leaking across two lanes. Officers on the scene are having a hard time containing it.

7:16 PM
Tex-Dot has been notified. The oil is becoming a real problem. They are trying not to shut down the entire roadway.