ems call

3:57 PM
Earth EMS have been paged to a location near Bluff Dale. There is a report of an individual that has attempted to hang himself. CPR is reported to be in progress.

4:08 PM
Bluff Dale Unit on the scene reports the subject has labored breathing. A helo has been put on standby.

4:10 PM
Bluff Dale Fire has been paged to the location to set up a landing zone for the helo.

4:14 PM
Air Evac 69 out of Granbury has a 17 minute ETA.

4:15 PM
Erath Medic One is on the scene.

4:25 PM
Air Evac 69 is five minutes out. Units on the scene report several power lines in the area. They are trying to figure out the best landing spot.

4:28 PM
Medic one on the scene reports a 34-year-old male with labored breathing. The helo will be on the ground soon.

5:08 PM
Air Evac 69 has lifted and is en route to JPS Forth Worth.