traffic accident

4:05 PM Lingleville
One vehicle accident on R370 two miles from Lingleville. This will be a vehicle vs tree. Dublin EMS has been paged. DPS is en route.

4:19 PM
Unit on the scene reports one vehicle off the roadway into the brush. Two patients will be trapped and one is nonresponsive. Children are also involved with this accident.

4:59 PM
Care Flight will meet the ambulance e at Clark Field Stephenville.

5:01 PM
Care Flight Three has aborted due to weather. Air Evac 69 has aborted due to weather as well.

5:27 PM
Erath Medic One and Medic Two are both transporting one patient to Stephenville ER.

5:40 PM
One ambulance will skip Stephenville and go directly to JPS Fort Worth.