grass fire

1:31 PM
Report of a grass fire on CR109 off of FM108N of Stephenville. Erath and Huckaby fire has been paged to respond.

1:44 PM
Units responding to the scene reports a large amount of smoke. They are in Huckaby at this time en route to CR109.

1:54 PM
Units are following a private vehicle which is leading them to the fire. the address is unknown at this time.

2:00 PM
Units are on the scene. This fire is quite a ways down CR109 off of FM 108. I have to go to work at this time so if anyone has any information on this fire please share it the comments below.

2:04 PM
EMS has been called to the scene for a ranch hand that has inhaled smoke.

2:06 PM
Unit on the scene reports 20 to 30 acres on fire with heavy fuel load. A tanker is en route.

2:19 PM
This is a rugged area. Units report having a hard time making access to the fire. It has jumped a game fence.

2:29 PM
This fire will near a concrete plant. Ems is nearly on the scene.

2:38 PM
Texas Forest Service has been called and an aircraft will be dispatched to the scene from Abilene.

2:49 PM
Units report that this fire has progressed down into a valley. Units will be switching to Vfire 21 which is an exclusive fire channel which I can not get with my handheld. Got to go to work. Hope they get it out soon.