8:15 PM Stephenville
There was a report of a burglary in progress in the 1800 block of Paddock Street. Several males were reported to have entered a residence wearing a mask and had guns. SPD is on the scene now and has two subjects in custody and one has run from the scene. The one on foot is a black male wearing red pants. SPD are searching for this subject at this time.

8:25 PM
There is a report of two more individuals that left the scene in an older dark color pickup truck. SPD is still looking for the subject on foot. If you are in the area lock your doors!

8:39 PM
Police are still looking for the suspect in the red pants at this time.

8:46 PM
SPD reported they do believe they have a name on the subject that is on foot.

8:58 PM
SPD is still walking the neighborhood searching for the subject on foot.

9:18 PM
Unfortunately, I do not have any more updates to share. I will continue to listen to the scanner and if I hear any more I will pass it on. The subject in the red pants is still at large. Also, I never did hear any more on the pickup truck that left the scene before the police arrived.