9:08 PM
Tarleton Police are in pursuit of a stolen vehicle out of Erath County. The vehicle has left our county and is on I20 eastbound toward Weatherford at this time.

9:15 PM
Palo Pinto County reports the vehicle has wrecked out at Gilbert Pit Road and I20. The suspect has left the scene and is on foot. The suspect is reported to have a pistol and a shotgun. Officers have been warned to not approach. DPS and Palo Pinto deputies are on the scene.

9:29 PM
There is a witness that is reporting to DPS that he has seen the suspect running toward Hillbilly Haven.

9:33 PM
The suspect is reported to be a black male wearing a red shirt.

9:44 PM
Palo Pinto EMS have been asked to stage near the scene of Hillbilly Haven just in case.

9:47 PM
There is a report of one shot being fired. It is unknown if the shot came from the suspect or law enforcement.

9:53 PM
A DPS officer does have cell phone communication with the suspect.

10:34 PM
I have not given up on this call. As of this post, the suspect is still at large but the radio traffic has decreased to almost nothing. This is typical when all the officers arrive at the scene. When I do hear more I will share it here.