Traffic Accident

10:05 PM County
EMS has been paged to US281N of Stephenville. A private vehicle is transporting a gunshot victim to Stephenville emergency room and Erath EMS is going to meet them on the highway to continue the transport.

10:09 PM
Erath EMS Medic 3 has made contact with the vehicle just north of Stephenville. A helo has been asked to launch and they will meet them at Clark Field Airport.

10:14 PM
Erath EMS is en route to the airport. Carefilght ETA is 18 minutes when the first call was made.

10:21 PM
Erath EMS has arrived at Clark Field and is awaiting Care Flights arrival.

10:27 PM
Care Flight is on the ground.

10:36 PM
Care Flight has lifted and is en route to Harris Fort Worth.