Erath County Informer is not affiliated with any governmental agency, public safety department, or media/news channel. We are  simply volunteers who monitor various scanners and media outlets

Names: Under no circumstances do we allow the sharing of victim’s names. If a user shares a victim’s name, the comment will be deleted and that person will be banned.

Erath County Informer does not post specific patient information. We post what is going on, not who is involved.

Vehicle Descriptions: While we do not regularly go into vehicle descriptions involved in accidents, we do allow that information on posts. For any passerby who may have seen the description of the vehicle (s), we do allow that information to be shared as long as it is appropriate. 99.9% of the time we don’t hear or pay attention to vehicle descriptions.

Erath County Informer has the right to remove any comments containing profane or vile language, disrespect toward an individual, a group or page, assumption, or any other type of comment that may be deemed inappropriate. If a foul word is used on our page that person will be banned immediately. Please be civil.

Sensitive police or fire incidents or similar police circumstances are not posted on Erath County Informer until the situation has been resolved. We do this to protect officer safety, our #1 priority.

Why do we have all these rules in place? Some Facebook pages do not have any rules which lead to rampant and sometimes off-topic debate and discussion. We are not about that. We share accurate information with you and in turn, if you have something relevant to share, we strongly encourage it. We are committed to keeping you informed in the most professional manner possible with a no-nonsense approach. Also, we strive to bring you the most accurate information possible. Please understand that the information we post is happening in real time so sometimes we may have to alter some post to meet the changing conditions.

Daily Updates: Since the Lotto appears to be rigged I have to work for a living like most of us do. So we cannot monitor the airwaves all the time. Our updates are all from record information while I was away from the scanner. The information will always be within the last 24 hours. Look at it kinda like a day old newspaper. We will try and do updates when the time is available.

If you have any questions regarding these rules, please message.

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