Structure Fire

Pic Taezer Thompson

8:17 PM Stephenville

Fire Units have been paged to 260 WestEllm for a report of smoke coming from an abandoned house.

8:20 PM

SPD on the scene reports a lot of smoke coming from the house.

8:21 PM

Fire Units are on the scene.

8:24 PM

Units on the scene report white smoke coming from the structure.

8:27 PM

The house is reported to be abandoned. Command reports that a 360 of the house has been conducted.

8:29 PM

Command on the scene has asked for the county to respond. He reports that they need manpower.

8:31 PM

Interior has asked command for a fan to placed at the front door.

8:40 PM

Command reports that rear access has been made. A fire investigator has been called to the scene.

8:45 PM

Command reports that the first group has exited the building and that County has entered.

9:43 PM

All fire units have cleared the scene.


Structure Fire

7:23 PM County

Fire Units have been dispatched to CR387 of off US377S for a report of a possible structure fire.

7:32 PM

Units arriving on the scene reported nothing showing, They will be out investigating’

7:33 PM

Residents are advising Fire Fighters that the laundry room is on fire.

7:35 PM

Unit on the scene reports that the fire is extinguished at this time. Some incoming units have been canceled.

7:53 PM

All fire units have cleared the scene.




Structure Fire

12:21 PM County

(Structure Fire) Report of a structure fire on CR493. A neighbor has called and said the house next door is showing smoke. Fire units are en route.

12:31 PM

Units en route report that there are flames visible form CR182

12:34 PM

Erath medic one is on the scene.

12:35 PM

Unit 804 on the scene reports a trailer home with one end fully involved.

12:45 PM

Several units have arrived on the scene. As of this time, there is no report of anyone in the home.

12:51 PM

Command on the scene reports that a search of the home was conducted and there was not anyone inside.




Structure Fire

At approximately 3 PM on Christmas Eve, Stephenville Fire, EMS, and PD responded to a house fire on the 1800 Block of Kingland Street. One neighbor said she was enjoying time with her family when she noticed smoke coming from the house next door, “Next thing I knew, the whole neighborhood was outside wondering what happened and the fire trucks are lined down the streets.” According to the reporting party, the fire was contained to one room.
Pictures by Erath County Scanner’s Taezer Thompson

Update for Monday 12/24/2018

These scanner calls occurred form 11:00 AM Monday thru 9:00 PM Monday night.



There was a report of a truck that broke a utility line on Stephens Street. The truck did leave the scene. SPD on the scene reported that this was a cable line.



There was a report of a hit and run accident that occurred in the 2700 block of West Washington near CVS Pharmacy. The vehicle leaving the scene was reported to have driver side damage.



There was a report of a traffic accident in the 2900 block of West Washington near Taco Casa. No injuries were reported and the roadway was not blocked.



There was a report of a major two vehicle traffic accident at the intersection of Tarleton and Clinton Streets. Unit 329 on the scene reported that this was a side impact accident and all the occupants were out of the vehicles. One vehicle did have five juvenile children occupants. Six patients were reported to Stephenville ER. Two wreckers were called.



EMS was paged to the Bosque River walking Trail near the Washington Street Bridge for a report of a female subject that fell while roller skating. The initial report was the patient had a broken ankle. EMS Unit 329 did leave the scene with no transport.



There was a report of a structure fire on CR 239 near the Hamilton County line. This was reported to be a two story structure. Erath, Hico, Harbin and Selden Fire were paged to the scene. Units arriving on the scene reported heavy smoke showing. Units on the scene reported that this structure was fully involved and was a defensive fire.


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Merry Christmas form Erath County Scanner!

Structure Fire

6:50 PM
Fire units are responding to a house fire on CR 351 on the 7300 block. Caller advises that there is smoke coming from the house.
It has been declared a defensive fire meaning it is unsafe for first responders to enter the residence.
7:29 PM
Tankers are on scene.

The residents of the house are out of the region according to neighbors.

Structure Fire

7:11 PM County
(Structure Fire) Erath Fire and Selden has been paged to the intersection of FM2481 and CR138 for a report of a trailer home on fire. The initial report is that the residence not inhabited and no one is around the residence.

7:16 PM
Fire Unit 818 on the scene reports that this will be a controlled burn of a trailer home. Incoming units have been canceled.

7:19 PM
The Fire Marshall has been requested to the location.

Structure Fire

12:16 PM County
(Structure Fire) There is a report of a structure fire on CR385. Erath Fire has been paged to the scene.

12:22 PM
Lingleville and Harbin fire will be en route.

12:27 PM
Unit on the scene reports that this house will be fully involved and will be on the ground. This will be a defensive fire.

12:31 PM
Harbin Fire has been disregarded. The fire marshall has been paged to the scene.

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