There was a report of a stabbing on CR1317 in La Sombra Estates north of Dublin. Dublin EMS was paged to the scene and reported that there were actually two stabbing victims at the location. A deputy on the scene has asked for two air medical helicopters to respond for the two victims involved. Erath EMS was page to the scene as well. A red Mustang with the actor reportedly left the scene and was stopped by Dublin Police Department. The driver of the Mustang reportedly admitted to Dublin officers he was the one that performed the stabbings. The suspect is in the custody of the Erath County Sherriff’s Department at this time. The knife used in the stabbing was reportedly on the subject and has been confiscated. At this time Dublin and Erath EMS are on the scene awaiting air medicals arrival. Erath County’s Criminal Investigation Department has been paged to the location. We will update here if any further information becomes available.

Update for Thursday 01/10/2019

These scanner calls occurred thru out the day on Wednesday



There was a minor traffic accident at the intersection of Northwest Loop and Washington Street. No injuries were reported and the roadway was not blocked. A wrecker was called.



There was a report of a hit and run at Gilbert Intermediate School. A vehicle backed into a school bus and left the scene. SPD responded to the scene and reported that there were not any injuries and the damage was very minor.



There was a report of a physical disturbance at Burger King at 3011 West Washington. A caller reported that a male subject was assaulting a female. The female was reported to be throwing items and has stabbed the male subject with a pocket knife. SPD responded to the scene. EMS was paged and asked to stage nearby until the scene was secure. The ambulance was asked to go next door to Captains D parking lot to check out the male subject and he was transported to Stephenville ER. The female subject was transported to the Police Department and then later to Erath County Jail. The charge was aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and evading on foot.



There was a report of a hit and run in parking lot. A vehicle took out a piece a wall on a building and left the scene.



Deputies arrested a male subject for burglary of a building.



There was a report of a one vehicle traffic accident on US281N at CR434. Airbags were reported to have deployed. Unit 800 on the scene reported one vehicle in the ditch with all occupants out of the vehicle. Unit 800 canceled all incoming units. Air Medical was placed on standby but later disregarded. Unit 850 reported that there was road sign damaged near the scene of the accident. EMS did leave the scene with no transport. A wrecker was called.



There was a report of a minor traffic accident on FM1702. Dublin Responders responded to the scene. There were not any reports of injuries.


You are up to date as of 3:30 AM Thursday. Have a great day!


3:39 PM Stephenville ***Delayed Post***
(Reported Stabbing) SPD is working a reported stabbing call on Long Street. The victim is now at Stephenville ER. The suspect is reported to have left the scene. Any updates will be posted here.

3:49 PM
EMS was paged to the scene but later was disregarded. The victim was transported to Stephenville ER by private vehicle. A Sheriff Deputy was asked to respond to the scene for additional support. A CID unit has been requested to the scene.