Shooting and Robbery


8:30 PM Stephenville
(Shooting and Robbery)
SPD received a report of multiple gunshots coming from a location on West Long Street. A caller reported that there were several subjects banging on a door of a residence and that there was a disturbance in the street. Officers responded and reported that they had a cleared a residence and asked for CID (Criminal Investigation Department) to respond. A black Cadillac was reported to have left the scene. SPD received another report of a female subject that had admitted herself into the Stephenville ER with a gunshot wound to the hand and stated that the front door had been kicked in and she had been robbed. This is an ongoing investigation.

Here is audio of the scanner traffic from this call on our YouTube Channel.


Update for Thursday 12/20/2018


These scanner calls occurred between 5:00 PM Wednesday and 1:30 AM Thursday.



There was a report of a dog that had been shot in the city. A caller advised that he returned home and someone had shot his dog. SPD responded to the scene and reported that the dog was deceased with a gunshot in the head. Officers searched the area and a suspect was not found. The dog was transported to the Humane Society.



There was a report of shots fired in the vicinity of Shirley Street. A caller advised that they heard approximately eight shots being fired. SPD responded to the area and was not able to locate the source.



SPD received a report of two males subjects wearing dark hoodies who were reported to be going thru storage sheds. SPD responded to the scene and searched the area and could not find any suspects.



SPD received a report of a male subject that entered a residence and struck another male inside. Officers responded to the scene and separated the subjects. No arrest was made.



Deputies were paged to a location in the county for a report of a male subject that was trying to enter a residence thru a kitchen window and back door. The female caller stated that she had a gun in case the subject got in. Deputies responded to the scene and found the subject in a nearby field and arrested the subject for criminal trespass, resisting arrest, and assault on a Police Officer. The suspect was transported to Stephenville ER to be checked out. A SPD Officer was asked to meet the Deputy at the ER to help with the subject. He was reported to be intoxicated.



There was a report of a semi-truck vs a cow on FM219S near CR308. The semi was drivable but the cow was reported to still be in the roadway. There were reports that there were several other cows out in the area. DPS responded to the scene.


You are up to date as of 1:30 AM Thursday Morning.


1:35 PM County Delayed Post
Deputies and EMS have paged to Camel Stop RV Park on US377 between Stephenville and Dublin for a reported shooting. Units are on the scene at this time.

1:38 PM
The deputy on the scene reports that the shooter is detained and the weapon is secure. EMS is cleared to respond to the scene.

1:51 PM
Air Evac was placed on standby but have been disregarded. Don’t know what that means yet. I will keep you updated when I hear more.

2:06 PM
Erath Medic Two is transporting one patient to Stephenville ER.


(Delayed post for officer safety)
Stephenville PD received at least 3 calls regarding shots fired near Bruner Chevy and Super 8. Callers said they heard gunfire in rapid succession.
9:40pm A witness said they saw a maroon pickup with yellow lettering leaving the area with fireworks.


1:19 AM Stephenville
(Shooting) SPD and EMS have been paged to Oak Tree Apartments at 2251 Lingleville Road. There is a report of a female subject that has been shot at this location. The initial report is that the victim opened the door to the residence and a subject shot her in the left cheek.

1:25 AM
SPD on the scene reports the victim is reported not to have any feeling from the neck down. A Helo has been put on standby. The shooter is not on the scene at this time.

1:27 AM
Care Flight has been put on standby and has an ETA of 17 minutes.

1:29 AM
Care Flight will launch and will meet EMS at Clark Field.

1:45 AM
EMS is en route to the airport with the victim at this time.

1:47 AM
Care Flight 3 has landed at the airport.

1:54 AM
EMS has arrived at the airport.

2:16 AM
Care Flight has lifted and is en route to JPS Fort Worth.

Active Shooter

Active Shooter Alert

At approximately 5:32 PM. The Erath County Sheriff’s Department received a call of an Active Shooter in the area of FM 914 and CR 454. SPD Officers and Erath County Deputies are on scene at this time. The suspect is described as a White Male, Brown Hair wearing Blue Jeans and a Blue Denim shirt. The suspect is believed to be on foot and armed in this area.
Citizens are advised to avoid the area and stay inside.


FM914 is closed to thru traffic from CR454 to Heritage Hills. Sounds like they are still searching for the suspect from the active shooter call.


9:38 PM (Manhunt)
A follower just reported this.
Thanks for the update!


“They just made everyone leave Stephenville city park that was playing softball cuz shooter was 85% spotted in the park. Anyone close just beware!! Helicopter circling, cops everywhere, spotlights going!!”


The search has been discontinued at this time. If you see or have any information on this guy call 911.