Update for Friday Afternoon

These scanner recordings occurred between 11:00 AM Friday and 2:30 PM Friday afternoon.


There was a report of a two-vehicle traffic accident on US281 at the US6 intersection. The roadway was reported to be blocked. There were minor injuries reported and EMS did not transport with three patient refusals. One vehicle was a full-size pickup and the other was a TXDOT pickup with a small trailer attached to it.



There was a report of a traffic accident on US6 about three miles out of Dublin. This was near Cottonwood Church. The caller reported that the vehicle that caused the accident had left the scene. The vehicle was reported to be stopped on US6 near CR305. The driver was reported to have left the vehicle and ran across a field. Deputies responded to the scene and we’re looking for the subject. They did find the suspect and he was arrested for drunk driving.  He also had a suspended driver’s license. A wrecker was called for the vehicles the suspect left.



There was a minor traffic accident in the 2900 block of West Washington near Tractor Supply. Two vehicles were involved and no injuries were reported. The roadway was blocked for a short time. EMS was not called.



There was a report of a traffic accident at the intersection on Lingleville Road and Graham Streets. No injuries were reported and the roadway was reported to be blocked. This did involve a trash truck. EMS was not called.



There was a report of a vehicle vs a bicycle at 1735 West South Loop. There were minor injuries reported. This was near the Pizza Place. EMS was called to the scene and did transport one patient to Stephenville ER.

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Burgalry in progress


3:42 AM Stephenville
(Burglary in Progress) SPD is on the scene at Cowboy Tobacco at 2009 West Washington Steet. A caller advised that threes subjects were inside the store with a crowbar and wearing mask.

3:46 AM
The subjects ran from the scene when officers arrived.

3:47 AM
One subject is in custody. Tarleton PD and County Deputies are paged to the scene to help with the search.

3:48 AM
SPD reports that they do have several bags full of merchandise that the subjects dropped as they ran away.

3:49 AM
A second subject is in custody.

3:53 AM
Officers are searching the area for the third subject.

3:56 AM
One of the apprehended subjects does have a warrant for burglary from another county.

4:03 AM
SPD reports that they have found some bundles of cash in a backyard near the scene.

4:12 AM
Two subjects are detained and officers are still looking for the third.

4:13 AM
Officers are still looking for the third subject. I will update as soon as I hear something. Hats off to all the officer that responded to the call. They got there quick. Good Job!

4:25 AM
There is a canine on the scene.

Update: SPD arrested two more subjects the next day. Here is the press release from SPD

Stephenville Police  ·

Press Release- Burglary Suspects

On Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 3:41 am the Stephenville Police Department received information of a burglary in progress at 2009 W. Washington at Cowboy Tobacco. When officers arrived on scene four suspects fled on foot. Officer Barrier apprehended one of the suspects at the suspect’s vehicle. Officer Borjon and Officer Donley apprehended a second suspect that was headed toward the suspect vehicle. Officers with the Stephenville Police Department as well as officers from other agencies are currently canvasing the area for the two at large suspects. At approximately 9:20 am, Officer James located and apprehended a third suspect in this burglary at Jaycee Park. At approximately 9:40 am, Officer Borjon and Officer Donley located and apprehended the fourth suspect in this burglary at Walmart. At this time all four suspects are being detained in connection with the Cowboy Tobacco burglary. One of the suspects was identified as Xaverone Jarmal Thomas and he has been arrested on two arrest warrants from Navarro County for burglary of a building. The Cowboy Tobacco burglary is currently under investigation by the Stephenville Police Department Criminal Investigation Division. The Stephenville Police Department would like to thank the Owner of Cowboy Tobacco, Tarleton State University Police Department, Erath County Sheriff’s Office, and the Texas Department of Public Safety for their assistance and support. The Stephenville Police Department will continue to release information pertaining to the burglary once it becomes available.


Foot Pursuit

1:13 AM Stephenville (Delayed Post)
(Foot Pursuit) SPD is on the scene in the 300 block of Broadway Street. A male subject with a blue warrant was attempting to run from the law. SPD with mutual aid from Erath County Deputies was able to apprehend the subject after a brief foot pursuit. An evading arrest charge will be added as well.

Traffic Accident

11:39 PM Stephenville
(Traffic Stop) SPD is performing a felony traffic stop near the intersection of Grahmn and Elm Streets. One of the occupants has reportedly run from the scene. SPD is on foot near the scene looking for the subject. The roadways are reported to be blocked in the vicinity.

11:46 PM
K-9 Unit #1 is on foot searching the area.

11:56 PM
Two females have been arrested at the scene. It sounds like a third female is still at large.

12:09 AM
The area is still being searched for the female subject.

12:16 AM
There is a report that an infant was in the vehicle. A family member has arrived at the scene to take custody.

Traffic Accident

10:00 PM Stephenville
There was a report of a minor accident in the 1400 block of Glenwood Drive. A caller reported that a vehicle struck a parked vehicle and fled the scene on foot. The female driver did leave the scene and was reported to be running down Dogwood Street. After a search of the area, SPD did locate the subject on Oakwood Street. The subject was arrested for DWI. The subject did have other prior arrests for DWI.

traffic accident

9:21 PM County

(Traffic Accident) Report of a one-vehicle accident on FM205 just past Rocky Point Baptist Church. Air bag deployment is reported. The occupant reportedly took off running from the scene. Erath Fire and first responders are en route.

9:23 PM The subject fleeing the scene is reported to have a bloody arm and his shoes are still in the vehicle.

9:26 PM A second caller advises they have found a second subject in a ditch. The subject is on and out of conscious.

9:29 PM Unit 280 on the scene reports one vehicle with heavy damage. 9:30 PM Unit 280 reports one patient in the ditch conscious and alert. The second patient has not been found. Care Flight has been put on standby. A wrecker has been called.

9:36 PM Med 3 on the scene has asked for Care Flight to be launched.

9:43 PM Care Flight will be landing in the parking lot of Rocky Point Baptist Church.

9:49 PM Care Flight is three minutes out. Erath Fire has flares in the parking lot waiting for their arrival.

9:53 PM Care Flight is on the ground at this time. Med 3 is at the landing zone.

10:03 PM The subject on foot is reported to be a Hispanic male in his twenties with possibly a white shirt and black shorts. The subject should not have any shoes on.

10:07 PM Care Flight has lifted as en route to JPS Forth Worth.

foot pursuit

2:01 PM Stephenville

(Foot Pursuit) There is a report of a subject running from Wal-Mart at 2765 West Washington. SPD is on the scene and has one subject detained at this time.

2:04 PM The subject running is reported to be a Hispanic female. The direction of travel is unknown at this time. More units are arriving on the scene.

2:09 PM The subject is described to be a Hispanic female short and heavy set wearing a gray shirt.

2:17 PM Loss prevention checked the video and the subject did leave the parking lot in a white vehicle. This is all the information available at this time.

2:23 PM SPD does have one subject in custody at this time.

2:42 PM SPD Unit 301 is en route to Erath County Jail with one subject for theft over $100 and under $750

Foot pursuit

8:14 PM

(Foot Pursuit) DPS Unit 1544 has performed a traffic stop near the intersection of CR152 and CR153. The driver has fled the scene on foot. DPS is looking for the subject at a time. Sheriff Deputies are responding to the scene. The subject is described to be a white male about 5 foot seven inches tall. This will be east of Morgan Mill. If you live in this area lock your doors.

8:22 PM DPS has called for a wrecker to pick up the subject’s vehicle.

8:37 PM Erath Unit 120 reports that the subject is in custody at this time.

9:19 PM DPS Unit 1548 is en route to Erath County Jail with the subject. The charge will be evading with a motor vehicle.