Possible Shooting


In the early morning hours, a caller reported to 911 that a subject was attempting to break into his residence on West Long Street at Texan Townhomes. The caller also stated the subject was growling at him. Officers responded to the location and reported that they found a large amount of fresh blood around the doorway, on the door jam, and the window seal. Officers made entry to the residence and reported that found an unused 9 MM round on the kitchen floor and drips of blood all throughout the residence and that no one was found in the residence. Stephenville ER was notified to be on the lookout in case a gunshot victim showed up. There was a reported blood trail in the carport and officers did search the area but were not able to locate anyone not even the caller. EMS was paged to stage nearby until the scene was secure but was later disregarded. Erath Count Deputies assisted with this call.