Update # 1 for Saturday Morning 11/21/2020

We have to do things a little differently today. These scanner calls occurred during the day on Friday. I will update later today the calls that occurred overnight. Have to be somewhere this morning. Thanks!

County 12:03 PM

There was a report of a one-vehicle minor traffic accident on US281N of Morgan Mill at PR1526. The driver reported that the vehicle took a hard right-hand turn and went off the roadway. No injuries were reported. DPS responded and a wrecker was called.


There was a report of a grass fire on US281N at CR470. Erath and Morgan Mill Fire were paged to the scene. Morgan Mill on the scene reported that was a small fire. Incoming units were canceled.

There was a report of criminal mischief at Legacy Hall. A caller advised that is appeared that a door had been kicked in. An officer responded.


A caller who lived in Colorado called SPD and stated that they were receiving a possible scam call for a subject that was stating that the reporting person’s daughter was kidnaped. The reporting person wanted an officer to go by the daughter’s workplace and residence to check on her. The daughter was found safe at her workplace.


A female subject was arrested for POCS PG1.

You are up to date as of 8:00 pm Friday