There was a report of a stabbing on CR1317 in La Sombra Estates north of Dublin. Dublin EMS was paged to the scene and reported that there were actually two stabbing victims at the location. A deputy on the scene has asked for two air medical helicopters to respond for the two victims involved. Erath EMS was page to the scene as well. A red Mustang with the actor reportedly left the scene and was stopped by Dublin Police Department. The driver of the Mustang reportedly admitted to Dublin officers he was the one that performed the stabbings. The suspect is in the custody of the Erath County Sherriff’s Department at this time. The knife used in the stabbing was reportedly on the subject and has been confiscated. At this time Dublin and Erath EMS are on the scene awaiting air medicals arrival. Erath County’s Criminal Investigation Department has been paged to the location. We will update here if any further information becomes available.