Traffic Accident

6:53 PM Stephenville
Report of a two-vehicle traffic accident on West Washington near Heb Grocery. Unknown injuries at this time. the roadway is reported to be blocked.

6:57 PM
SPD and EMS have arrived on the scene. This will be a two-vehicle side impact.

7:00 PM
An officer reports that there are not any injuries at this time and wrecker may not be needed.

7:07 PM
An officer reports that EMS is looking at some children in one of the vehicles then they will try and get the vehicles moved out of the roadway.

7:10 PM
An officer reports that the vehicles are stuck together and if they can get them separated wreckers may not be needed.

7:17 PM
EMS Units 329 and 330 have cleared the scene with no transport.

7:20 PM
SPD Unit 475 reports that the roadway is clear.