Traffic Accident

4:07 PM Dublin
Report of a two-vehicle traffic accident on the US377 loop. Dublin Fire and EMS have been paged to the scene. DPS is en route also. Don’t know the exact location yet or of any injuries.

4:12 PM
This accident will be just south of Allsups in the northbound lane.

4:15 PM
Dublin Medic 12 is on the scene.

4:17 PM
Units on the scene have asked for more units to respond for traffic control.

Dublin Medic 10 reports that they have cleared the scene and that Medic 12 will remain on the scene for a short time.

4:30 PM
DPS has asked for a rotation wrecker.

4:31 PM
Medic 12 has cleared the scene with no transport.

4:58 PM
Units on the scene report the roadway is open.