Update for Sunday 08/02/2020

These scanner recordings occurred Saturday night and early Sunday morning.


There was a report of a fight in progress. SPD responded to the scene and reported that this was just a party. No fight was found.


Stephenville 1:34 AM

SFD was paged to the corner of Lingleville and Graham for a report of a trash dumpster that was smoking. The unit on the scene reported a trash dumpster that as full with no fire. They did spray water on the dumpster and cleared the scene.


Stephenville (early morning)

SPD found an approximate two-year-old male child wandering around alone. Officers could not locate where the child came from. EMS was paged to the scene to check out the child. The child was taken to Stephenville ER and CPS was called and responded from Arlington Texas. The mother and father did make contact SPD later in the morning and responded to the hospital.



Several reports of loud music with collage moving back in.



No calls for the county.

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