Fatality Accident

3:58 PM
Report of a traffic accident in front of Dollar General at 170 Morgan Mill Road. The initial report there is a fatality from this accident. First Responders are en route.

4:01 PM
Units on the scene reported two vehicles involved with one patient still in the vehicle.

4:03 PM
EMS on the scene has asked for air medical to respond to Clark Field.

4:07 PM

EMS on the scene has asked for Air Evac 69 will be instructed to land at the scene right next to Dollar General.

4:30 PM

Unit on the scene reports that Air Evac is on the ground.

4:48 PM

Command on the scene reports that Air Evac has lifted and is en route to JPS Fort Worth. This was the passenger of one of the vehicles.

4:49 PM

One subject on the scene has been arrested for DWI. This subject does have a prior DWI charge but no convictions.

5:26 PM

EMS Unit 329 have left the scene with no transport.

5:37 PM

The Justice of the Peace has been called to the scene.

5:55 PM

Officers are en route to Stephenville ER with the subject arrested for DWI for a blood draw.

6:11 PM

A funeral home has been called and two wreckers are en route.

7:12 PM

The funeral home and JP have cleared the scene. Officers report that the roadway is open.

7:33 PM

This is the press release from SPD.

Press Release
Fatality Vehicle Accident Investigation

The Stephenville Police Department is investigating a fatality vehicle accident that occurred this afternoon at approximately 3:55 P.M. in the 100 Block of Morgan Mill Road. One vehicle was a Black 2013 Dodge pickup driven by Justin Schrader and occupied by another male. The second vehicle was a Red 2004 Dodge Neon with two occupants. Justin Brian Schrader, W/M 24 was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated. A male passenger was released at the scene. A 38-year-old male passenger of the Dodge Neon was transported to JPS Hospital by helicopter, the 40-year-old female driver was pronounced deceased at the scene by Judge Greenway. The cause of the accident is still under investigation and the names of the injured and deceased are being held pending family notifications.