Structure Fire

Pic Taezer Thompson

8:17 PM Stephenville

Fire Units have been paged to 260 WestEllm for a report of smoke coming from an abandoned house.

8:20 PM

SPD on the scene reports a lot of smoke coming from the house.

8:21 PM

Fire Units are on the scene.

8:24 PM

Units on the scene report white smoke coming from the structure.

8:27 PM

The house is reported to be abandoned. Command reports that a 360 of the house has been conducted.

8:29 PM

Command on the scene has asked for the county to respond. He reports that they need manpower.

8:31 PM

Interior has asked command for a fan to placed at the front door.

8:40 PM

Command reports that rear access has been made. A fire investigator has been called to the scene.

8:45 PM

Command reports that the first group has exited the building and that County has entered.

9:43 PM

All fire units have cleared the scene.