EMS Call

11:02 AM

EMS is on the scene of a medical emergency on FM2481. They have asked for air medical to respond to the scene. Erath and Bluff Dale Fire have been paged to the scene to set up a landing zone.

11:10 AM

Air Evac 69 out of Granbury has accepted the call. ETA is 12 minutes. Erath Unit 803 is on the scene.

11:16 AM

Air Evac 69 reports that they are six minutes out. Erath Medic 3 is on the scene.

11:19 AM

Unit near the scene reports to Air Evac that units have no radio or cell phone communications at this time.

11:22 AM

Erath Unit can now communicate with Air Evac 69. The helo is orbiting overhead at this time. The landing zone with be a nearby coastal field.

11:28 AM

Erath Unit 810 reports that Air Evac is on the ground.

11:45 AM

Unit 810 reports that Air Evac 69 is off the ground and is en route to JPS Forth Worth


General Location: