Pursuit in Progress

                                       Thanks to Taezer Thompson for the pic
4:38 PM
(Pursuit in Progress) Comanche County is in pursuit of a vehicle. The last known location is on CR312. Speeds are up to 100 mph. The vehicle is heading east on US377 heading toward Dublin. Erath County units are en route if they enter the county.
4:44 PM
The vehicle has just left Procter and is reported to be northbound on US377. Speeds are reported to be 110 mph.
4:46 PM
Units report they will be setting spikes at the county line.
4:47 PM
The vehicle is entering Erath County. Watch out Dublin.
4:48 PM
Comanche PD and Comanche SO and Dublin are following behind the vehicle at this time.
4:50 PM
The vehicle is stopped at the US6 and 377 Loop under the overpass. The subjects are in custody.
5:03 PM
Dublin EMS and Fire are on the scene.
5:06 PM
There are reported to be four DPS and several Deputies. Traffic will be slow in the area.
5:37 PM
Dublin Fire has cleared the scene.
Location of the traffic stop.