Traffic Accident

5:45 PM County

DPS is on the scene of a major traffic accident at the intersection on FM219 and the Dublin Loop. There are reported injuries. There are reported injuries. Dublin EMS is on the scene.

6:12 PM

Deputies are on the scene to help with traffic control. There are reported two ambulances on the scene.

6:17 PM

Erath Unit Medic One is transporting one patient to Stephenville ER. A helo has been requested and will land on the roadway.

6:27 PM

CareFlight will be meeting Dublin EMS at the airport They will not land on the roadway as posted before. This will be a female patient.

6:33 PM

Dublin EMS is en route to the airport.

6:44 PM

Dublin EMS is at the airport.

6:49 PM

Dublin units on the scene report that they will be clear and en route back to the station. It has been reported that the roadway will be open soon.

6:58 PM

The patient will be air lifted to Harris Downtown Fort Worth.