Traffic Accident

10:17 PM Stephenville
(Traffic Accident) Report of a minor traffic accident at 2725 West Washington near Allsups Convenience Store. EMS has been paged to the scene. Both vehicles are reported to be out of the roadway.

10:21 PM
Unit on the scene reports both vehicles out of the roadway but there is debris in the lane of traffic.

10:23 PM
The officer on the scene reports that this accident is spread out and has asked for help with traffic control.

10:24 PM
Fire Unit 331 on the scene reports one of the vehicles has moderate damage and that it appears that all occupants are out of the vehicles.

10:28 PM
Witnesses to the accident report that one vehicle pulled out in front of the other. Still no report of injuries at this time.

10:30 PM
A wrecker has been called for a Chevy Pickup.

10:35 PM
EMS Unit 330 is en route to Stephenville ER with one patient.

10:38 PM
A second wrecker has been called.