Fire Alarm

1:24 AM Stephenville
(Fire Alarm) SFD is on the scene of a fire alarm at Hampton Inn at 910 Harbin Road. The initial report was that there was a manual fire alarm pull at this location.

1:27 AM
Fire units on the scene reported nothing showing and that the building appears to be evacuated. They will be out investigating.

1:30 AM
Interior reports that all pull stations are intact. They will be moving to the second floor.

1:33 AM
Interior reports that the second floor is clear. Exterior reports that there is not any smoke showing from the windows.

1:34 AM
Interior reports that the third floor is clear. The Fire Marshall has been contacted.

1:38 AM
Command on the scene has released some units from the scene. They are still having issues with the alarm but they report they feel confident that there is not a fire.