Traffic Accident

6:31 PM Dublin
(Traffic Accident) Report of a two-vehicle traffic accident on US377 South of Dublin where the loop meets. The roadway is reported to be blocked an one person is trapped. There is reported gasoline on the roadway. An infant is involved in this crash. Dublin Officers are on the scene.

6:36 PM
Dublin officers on the scene report there will be four total patients. Erath EMS are en route and Dublin EMS are on the scene.

6:42 PM
Dublin unit on the scene reports that everyone is out of the vehicles and has asked for Erath and Procter first responders to stand down.

6:52 PM
One wrecker has been called for a pickup.

6:55 PM
A second wrecker has been called for a passenger car. Erath Medic One is on the scene.

7:33 PM
Erath Medic One has cleared the scene and is en route back to the station with four no rides.

8:01 PM
Units have cleared the scene and the roadway is reported to be clear.