Motorcycle Accident

4:37 PM Stephenville
(Motorcycle Accident) Report of a motorcycle that has rear-ended another vehicle at a high rate of speed in the 300 block of Morgan Mill Road. EMS has been paged to the scene and a helo has been placed on standby. This will be in front of the Golf Course.

4:41 PM
Unit on the scene reports the rider has no helmet and an open head injury. The helo has been launched. Traffic will be backed up.

4:45 PM
EMS on the scene reports that two patients in the vehicle that was struck are not injured. All helos that were contacted has declined due to weather. A wrecker has been called for the motorcycle.

4:50 PM
Traffic is being routed to Golf Club Road going southbound. A wrecker has been called for the struck vehicle.

4:53 PM
Just received a text from SPD stating that US281 between Lingleville Road and Washington Street is closed at this time due to this accident.

4:57 PM
Wreckers have arrived on the scene.

5:16 PM
EMS Unit 329 is transporting one patient to Stephenville ER code three ( lights and sirens).

5:22 PM
The highway has reopened.