Grass Fire

5:43 PM County
(Grass Fire) Erath / Hico and Harbin fire have been paged to a reported grass fire on FM1824 near CR239.

5:47 PM
Unit on the scene reports about 15 to 20 acres on fire. Carleton Fire has been paged.

5:50 PM
Bluff Dale and Dublin have been asked to respond with a brush truck.

5:52 PM
Units on the scene report they have the head of the fire stopped.

5:57 PM
Harbin Fire has been disregarded.

6:00 PM
It sounds like the units have a control on this fire. They have switched to the V Fire 21 channel which is really difficult for me to hear. I will update as more information comes over the scanner.

6:21 PM
Unit on the scene reports that the fire has been stopped. Units on the scene are in mop-up stage.