Update on Plane Crash

Update on the plane crash from this morning
Russell Riggs of Castle Rock Colorado was the operator of the airplane that crashed near CR 362 in the Desdemona area this morning around 9:34 AM. He was accompanied by his wife and daughter in the plane. Russell was released from the Stephenville ER this afternoon but his wife and daughter were airlifted to JPS in Fort Worth. Taxiville Stephenville’s Taxi Service has offered to give Russell a complimentary ride after his discharge from the hospital. His wife has suffered a broken neck but is able to move her arms and fingers. A dog was also in the aircraft during the collision and has fled. According to Russell, he chased the boxer for about 3 miles but was not able to catch her. The dog has not been found.
The family was flying out of the Dublin Airport after visiting Deleon for a few days.
Russell said he had about a quarter of a tank of gas around the time his plane started to stutter. The plane collided with the ground while he was struggling to keep power.