Fatality Fire

2:05 AM Dublin
(Structure Fire) There is a report of a structure fire at 117 N Grafton Street. This is reported to be near the Family Dentistry Building. Dublin Fire in on the scene and has asked Erath Fire to respond for Mutual Aid.

2:11 AM
Harbin and Lingleville Fire have been paged to assist.

2:29 AM
Erath Fire arriving on the scene has asked for Oncor to respond quickly for a three-phase pole that is on fire.

2:32 PM
Unit on the scene reports that the back of the roof on the Family Dentist office is on fire.

2:40 AM
Erath Unit 818 has asked for all an all county tone to respond to this fire.

2:47 AM
Stephenville Fire has been paged to the scene. They have been asked to bring a ladder truck.

2:48 AM
Comanche and De Leon Fire have been paged to assist.

2:52 AM
Firemen have been able to make an interior assault and report that everyone is out of the building.

3:06 AM
Some incoming Stephenville and Lingleville Units have been canceled.

3:09 AM
Bluff Dale fire has just been canceled.

3:11 AM
Unit reports that interior has put out all the hot spots and that all personnel is out of the building.

3:16 AM
The County Fire Marshall has arrived on the scene.

3:20 PM
Unit on the scene reports that they have a handle on this fire.

Sadly I did hear that there was one fatality resulting from this fire.