Traffic Accident

9:41 PM County
(Traffic Accident) Erath and Lingleville First Responders have been dispatched to CR 392 for a reported traffic accident. A caller advised that a vehicle has gone thru a fence at this location. The initial report is there is no one around the vehicle but airbags have deployed and there is blood at the scene. Air Medical has been placed on standby.

9:52 PM
A caller advised that they could see where someone has walked away from the vehicle but could not find them.

9:53 PM
Erath Medic One is on the scene. Lingleville Unit 7301 is on the scene also.

9:55 PM
Units on the scene are actively searching the area for the occupant.

10:01 PM
Units are still searching at this time. The Hospital has been contacted and reports that no one has shown up with injuries.

10:08 PM
DPS is on the scene. A wrecker has been called.

10:10 PM
Air Medical has been canceled. Units have searched the area and not been able to locate a patient.