Fatality Traffic Accident

10:14 AM County
(Traffic Accident) Report of a traffic accident on US281N about two miles north of Morgan Mill. This is reported to be an 18 wheeler vs a passenger car head-on. First responders are en route.

10:21 AM
Unit on the scene reports an 18 wheeler blocking both lanes of traffic with a vehicle upside down with patients trapped inside.

10:23 AM
Unit on the scene reports three patients total. Triage colors are reported to be a black tag a red tag and a green tag. Air medical has been notified. This is reported to be an extensive extrication.

10:33 AM
Two wreckers have been called.

10:34 AM
Air medical have been launched. 15 minutes ETA.

10:36 AM
The highway is reported to be shut down for a while. Southbound traffic will be diverted onto FM1188.

10:40 AM
Care Flight 3 reports they are 5 minutes out. They will be landing on the highway on the north side of the accident scene.

10:49 AM
Care Flight 3 is on the ground. They have been confirmed one fatality.

11:00 AM
Erath Medic Two is en route to Stephenville ER with one patient.

11:02 AM
Care Flight has lifted and is en route to Harris Fort Worth.

11:03 AM
A local funeral home and Justice of the Peace has been notified and is en route.

1:02 PM
The roadway is closed at this time. Units report there are oil and debris still on the roadway. Units are awaiting Texdot to make the scene. Traffic is still being diverted onto FM1188.