ATV Accident

6:49 PM Bluff Dale
(ATV Accident) Erath EMS has been paged to Mountain Lakes Subdivision near Bluff dale for a report of an ATV that turned over. Two subjects are reported to be involved in this accident. Air Medical has been placed on standby.

6:53 PM
Air Medical will be launched. Bluff Dale will be paged to set up a landing zone. ETA for Care Flight is 14 minutes.

6:55 PM
Unit on the scene reports that CPR is in progress on one of the patients. Send Prayers!

7:00 PM
Unit on the reports there will be two infant patients involved with one adult.

7:07 PM
Care Flight will land near the Mountain Lakes Clubhouse.

7:09 PM
Care Flight is on the ground.

7:17 PM
Medic Two on the scene has asked for a second air medical to respond.

7:22 PM
Air Evac is en route. ETA 17 minutes.

7:32 PM
Care Flight Three has lifted and is en route to Cook Children’s Fort Worth.

8:06 PM
Air Evac 69 has lifted from the scene and is en route to Cook Children’s Fort Worth.