11:17 PM Stephenville
(Pursuit) A DPS unit in purist on a pickup up the South Loop. The vehicle did turn on Seminole Drive. SPD is en route to the area.

11:21 PM
DPS has reported that they have the subject of the fleeing vehicle detained at this time.

11:23 PM
SPD reported that this vehicle was racing with another vehicle. They will be searching for the second vehicle.

11:27 PM
Erath EMS has been paged to the scene to check out the subject.

11:40 PM
DPS reports that the subject will be under arrest for running, racing and possible DWI.

11:56 PM
The subject is en route to Erath County Jail. DPS has asked for a jailer to meet them in the sally port. DPS recommends that the jail have a chair ready to strap the subject down. A wrecker has been called.