Grass Fire

12:56 PM County
(Grass Fire) There is a report of a grass fire on FM914 just south of US6. This is near the Greens Creek Ranch. Fire Units are en route.

1:00 PM
Harbin Fire is en route and Carleton Fire has been called.

1:05 PM
Unit on the scene reports that there is actually two fires near this location. One of the fires is reported to be about 15 acres and is moving fast. Dublin Fire will be contacted.

1:08 PM
A caller has advised that this fire is 200 yards form a structure that has horses pinned and the owners are not home.

1:13 PM
Units are arriving on the scene. Unit reports the first fire is an open field. They will be going to the next fire.

1:27 PM
Unit reports that they have eyes on the barn with the horses and they should be safe at this time.