1:19 AM Stephenville
(Shooting) SPD and EMS have been paged to Oak Tree Apartments at 2251 Lingleville Road. There is a report of a female subject that has been shot at this location. The initial report is that the victim opened the door to the residence and a subject shot her in the left cheek.

1:25 AM
SPD on the scene reports the victim is reported not to have any feeling from the neck down. A Helo has been put on standby. The shooter is not on the scene at this time.

1:27 AM
Care Flight has been put on standby and has an ETA of 17 minutes.

1:29 AM
Care Flight will launch and will meet EMS at Clark Field.

1:45 AM
EMS is en route to the airport with the victim at this time.

1:47 AM
Care Flight 3 has landed at the airport.

1:54 AM
EMS has arrived at the airport.

2:16 AM
Care Flight has lifted and is en route to JPS Fort Worth.