Grass Fire

11:48 AM County
(Grass Fire) Report of a grass fire on CR 371 off of FM2156. Erath, Lingleville and Harbin Fire have been paged to assist Dublin for this fire.

11:51 AM
Unit responding to the scene reports big smoke showing.

11:56 AM
De Leon Fire has been paged to respond for mutual aid.

12:01 PM
Dispatch reports they just received a report that this fire is close to some residences. This is sounding like this could be two separate fires near each other.

12:05 PM
The second fire is reported to be a controlled burn on CR 347 and everything is ok at that location.

12:06 PM
Unit on the scene reports 15 to 20 acres of fire and moving fast. Desdemona Fire has been paged to assist.

12:14 PM
A tanker has been asked to respond.

12:16 PM
A caller has advised that this fire is getting close to the Bunk House Dairy. Units are cutting fences to get to the fire. This fire will be near Cow Creek Ranch and Crouch dairy

12:23 PM
Units are in heavy coastal grass and are getting low on water. Procter Fire has been paged as well. A De Leon unit has ruptured a tank getting into this fire. Another Deleon Unit has been requested.

12:37 PM
All Units have switched to the V Fire 21 channel. I do receive this channel but it is sketchy at best. I will update as any reports come in.

12:44 PM
This fire has been reported to have jumped FM219.

12:48 PM
Some units are stationed on FM219 attempting to keep the fire from jumping the highway.

12:53 PM
Units are having a problem with traffic control. Two deputies are en route to assist. Avoid this area and use an alternate route.

1:03 PM
Unit on the scene reports that this fire is on both sides of FM219 but it appears to be under control on the highway. There are fire trucks on the scene.

1:07 PM
FM219 between Bunyon and Dublin has been closed to thru traffic.

1:39 PM
The scanner traffic has really slowed down which is always a good sign. Just a personal opinion here if you don’t mind. I have the utmost respect for these firefighters. I hear them every day going out in harms ways and doing a fantastic job over and over. Salute Guys! and thank you!