Pursuit in Progress

12:25 AM County
(Pursuit in Progress) An Erath County Unit is in pursuit of a vehicle on US377 coming into Stephenville from Dublin. The vehicle is reported to be in the wrong lane of traffic. Watch Out!

12:28 AM
The suspect vehicle has just passed Alsups Convenience Store on the South Loop. Don’t Know which one at this time.

12:30 AM
The Deputy reports that he does have the vehicle stopped at this time and reports he has the subject in custody. I don’t have the exact location but this will be on the South Loop.

12:37 AM
The Deputy has asked for a SPD Unit to respond to the scene to assist. There is a reported language barrier. The vehicle traffic stop is near Alsups Convenience Store near Wal-Mart. A wrecker has been called.

1:13 AM
The female subject has been arrested and is en route to Erath County Jail. I did not hear the charge.