Traffic Accident

8:34 PM Stephenville
(Traffic Accident) Report of a major traffic accident at 3125 West Washington near Campbells Auto Body. This is reported to be a head-on collision. The roadway is reported to be blocked. EMS and first responders are en route.

8:38 PM
EMS en route to the scene has asked for a helo to be put on standby.

8:39 PM
EMS Unit 330 on the scene reports two vehicles involved with the roadway blocked. Care Flight is on standby ETA is 23 minutes.

8:41 PM
EMS on the scene reports there is not anyone trapped. There is reported to be debris on the roadway.

8:43 PM
The roadway will be shut down at this time to allow emergency personnel access to the scene. I did not get which of the highway is effected.

8:45 PM
Care Flight will launch and meet the ambulance at Clark Field. ETA is 18 minutes.

8:56 PM
Care Flight Three report they are 8 minutes out. Two wreckers have been called to the scene.

8:58 PM
EMS Unit 330 is en route to Clark Field. Give them room to get by!

9:04 PM
EMS Unit 329 is en route to Stephenville ER with one patient.

9:07 PM
EMS Unit 330 is at Clark Field.

9:16 PM
Care Flight has lifted. The destination is Harris Fort Worth Downtown.

9:22 PM
Traffic is moving thru slowly heading into Stephenville.