Traffic Accident

12:13 AM Stephenville
(Traffic Accident) Report of a two-vehicle accident in front of Don Nicos at 210 East South Loop. EMS has been paged to the scene.

12:15 AM
A caller advises that her vehicle was hit and she has pain to her left side. Unkown if the second vehicle is on the scene.

12:17 AM
Unit on the scene reports both vehicles are both there. The roadway is reported not to be blocked.

12:20 AM
EMS Unit 330 on the scene reports moderate damage with occupants out of the vehicles.

12:22 AM
Unit 330 on the scene has disregarded incoming units.

12:34 AM
Two wreckers have been called for both vehicles.

12:36 AM
EMS Unit 329 is en route to Stephenville ER with one patient.

12:38 AM
SPD reports one subject has been arrested for DWLI with no insurance.