Traffic Accident

8:17 AM County
(Traffic Accident) Erath and Dublin are on the scene of a two-vehicle traffic accident on US377 between Stephenville and Dublin. Air Evac has been called. A landing zone is being setup on the highway. So expect delays.

8:26 AM
Dublin medic 12 is en route to Stephenville ER with one patient. Two wreckers have been called.

8:27 PM
There is a secondary accident near this scene. A vehicle has slid off the roadway. No injuries reported from this. A wrecker has been called.

8:32 AM
Air Evac 69 will be landing on the northbound lane. ETA is five minutes out.

8:33 AM
The patient being lifted is a female with a compound fracture of her left femur.

8:36 AM
Both sides of the highway will be shut down in a few moments for Air Evac to land.

8:40 AM
Air Evac 69 is on the ground.

8:52 AM
Air Evac 69 has lifted and is en route to JPS Fort Worth.

8:54 AM
The roadway is open at this time.