3:46 AM Stephenville *** Delayed Post for Officer Safety ***
SPD was paged to a residence on Crow Street for a domestic disturbance. The report was a female at this location was struck by a male subject and had a head injury. EMS was paged to the scene for the female. The male subject refused to leave the residence and SPD with help from other law enforcement agencies surrounded the house. They could see the subject inside through the window until he turned all the lights out. In the meantime, SPD did spot another subject on the roof of the house. They attempted to get the subject to come down for a while and they finally were able to do so. He was taken to a location near the City Park. The subject located inside the house did call 911 and was talking to SPD. Dispatch was attempting to transfer the call to a cell phone of an officer on the scene when the subject disconnected. SPD did report they heard two gunshots coming from inside the house. One female subject was arrested at the scene and taken to Erath County Jail. I did not hear the charge. Witnesses on the scene were transported to SPD. CID was called to the location. Police are still on the scene at this time attempting to get the subject to come out. Avoid this area until this situation comes to a conclusion.